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Outdoor Hydroponics

Indian Hydroponics: Where Green Abundance Thrives 

Unleash the power of Indian Hydroponics, a pioneer in hydroponics. Our outdoor technique cultivates diverse greens and vine crops in controlled environments. Save up to 90% water, utilize 80-95% less space, and enjoy year-round production. With our turnkey projects, setting up a profitable and automated farm is a breeze. Experience a new era of fresh food with Indian Hydroponics. 


⚫ 16,000 SQ.FT,  Jharsuguda 

⚫ 10,000 SQ.FT,  Dehradun 

⚫ 10,000 SQ.FT,  Ahmadnagar 


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Indian Hydroponics: Unlocking Indoor Hydroponics Marvels 

Escape the confines of geography with Indian Hydroponics's indoor hydroponics prowess. We've successfully established indoor farms across India, tackling pressing global challenge. 

Join us in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture, as Indian Hydroponics's indoor hydroponics revolutionizes farming, leaving a greener mark on our planet. 



⚫ 1500 SQ.FT, Indoor Farm Guwahati 

⚫ 400 SQ.FT, Indoor Farm, Kanpur 

Joint Venture Partnership 

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Indian Hydroponics: Enter the Realm of Green Partnership 

Calling all visionaries! Indian Hydroponics invites you to embark on a transformative joint venture. With a minimum requirement of 3 acres of land, we will set up and manage your farm, 

ensuring maximum production guaranteed. Embrace this opportunity to shape the future of agriculture together with Indian Hydroponics. 


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Indian Hydroponics: Empowering Your Growth Across the Indian Market 

Indian Hydroponics stands as your ally, empowering market growth throughout India. Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive market support. Together, let's cultivate success in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape  

Agronomy Support & Farm Management

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Indian Hydroponics: Where Agronomy Meets Innovation 

Join our journey where agronomy expertise merges seamlessly with hydroponics innovation. With Indian Hydroponics, receive unmatched support in farm management from our skilled agronomists. Together, let's cultivate success in the world of sustainable agriculture. 

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