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Team Meeting

 Indian Hydroponics: Unleashing Hydroponic Mastery in a Week  

Calling all learners! Join our exclusive 7-day training program at Indian Hydroponics. For only 2000 INR, students can unlock the secrets of hydroponics. Others are welcome too, at just 5000 INR. Don't miss this opportunity to cultivate your green ambitions with us. 



  1. Introduction to Hydroponics 

  2. Crop Selection and Cycle 

  3. Fertilizer and Nutrient Management 

  4. Pest Control and Disease Management 

  5. Market Trends and Commercial Aspects 

  6. Business opportunity 

  7. Economics of Hydroponics 

  8. Farm Setup


- Certificate of Participation 

- Internship Opportunity

- Support for Research and Development

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