Ind Hydro Project Portfolio

7000 sq.ft, Dehradun

This state of the art Hydroponics farm boasts 11,500+ plants capacity with Vertical, Flat beds NFT and Vine crop setup facilty. The farm caters to local produce demand and grows leafy and vine exotic vegetables like Chards, lettuces, Basil, Bok Choi, Herbs like Celery, Parsley, Cilantro and Fruity Veggies like Tomatoes, Peppers and cucumbers.

ind hydro dehradun

5000 sq.ft, andaman islands

Andaman's & India's first Island Hydroponics farm spanning 5000 sq.ft is an all leafty setup targeting crops like Cilantro, Mints, Spinach etc. The farm is automation controlled for EC and pH and also regulates humidity in inside environment. 

indian hydroponics andaman

10,000 sq.ft, Jammu city

This is an under construction project that too is first of it's kind in the whole state and shall boast of more than 14,000 leafy vegetables and 1500 fruiting vegetable plants. Revolutionising the agri space, IND HYDRo works at every and any location and provides end to end services!

Jammu indian hydroponics

10,000 sq.ft, Ahmadnagar

This massive project boasts 20,000+ plants per cycle and is an all Leafy setup. It's one of the largest Hydroponics functional farm in Interior Maharshtra Region in India. 

indian hydroponics pune

10,000 sq.ft, dehradun

This project is a massive farm coming up in Dehradun which shall be Uttarakhand state's largest soilless farm boasting both leafy and fruiting vegetables. The farm is targeting markets of Dehradun, Chandigarh and NCR Region!

uttarakhand indian hydroponics

300 sq.ft, indoors, jaipur

Rajasthan's first Indoor pilot project for Greanfeast Jaipur at 330 sq.ft space having 3000+ plants in complete temperature controlled environment. The farm provides fresh veggies and salad mixes to high end segment in Jaipur city and is well known for their quality and amazing recipies!

Ind Hydro jaipur